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On-Demand Course: DSM-5 Text Revision for Indiana Independent Practice Endorsement

This on-demand course, led by Dr. Kim Zoder-Martell, Ph.D., HSPP, BCBA-D, provides a comprehensive review of the DSM-5 Text Revision, covering diagnostic criteria, assessment, and treatment options. It is designed for education professionals and school psychologists seeking the Independent Practice Endorsement in Indiana.

Course Materials:

  • You will receive a downloadable document containing four hyperlinks to video presentations.

Course Completion:

  1. Purchase the Course: Complete the registration and payment process to gain access to the course materials.
  2. Download the Course Document: After purchase, you will be able to download a document containing four clickable links to the video presentations.
  3. Watch the Presentations: Click on each hyperlink to access the video presentations.
  4. Complete the Quizzes: During each video presentation, a QR code will appear on-screen at designated points. Use your smartphone camera to scan the QR code. This will launch a short quiz related to the presented material. While not graded, completing these quizzes is mandatory for course completion.

Course Evaluation:

    • Complete the Online Evaluation: After watching all presentations, visit the following link (link will be provided upon purchase) to complete a short online evaluation. This feedback is crucial for future course improvements.

Attendance Certificate:

    • Upon successful completion of all quizzes and the online evaluation, you will receive an attendance certificate via email on the third Wednesday of the month following your course registration.

Target Audience:

This course is designed for education professionals and school psychologists pursuing the Independent Practice Endorsement in Indiana.

We wish you a successful learning experience!

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