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Independent Practice Endorsement (IPE)

Background and Information

In 1992 when the Psychology Licensure Act was passed in Indiana, Hoosier school psychologists were prohibited from practicing the profession of school psychology outside the confines of a school corporation. The Indiana Association of School Psychologists (IASP) restored Indiana school psychologists’ ability to practice as independent providers of school psychological services in 1996 by lobbying the Indiana General Legislature for a law that provided an endorsement for independent practice for school psychologists. In 2009, the process to obtain an Independent Practice Endorsement (IPE) was simplified to encourage more Indiana school psychologists to obtain private practice licensure. 

What Can I Do With My IPE

IPE Application

Click here to download the application. 

Requirements for the initial application include: 

  1. You must be a licensed school psychologist in Indiana
  2. You must be employed as a school psychologist at least 30 hours a week (Form B)
  3. You must provide a copy of your transcript showing:
    1. At least 60 graduate semester hours or 90 quarter hour master’s or specialist degree in school psychology
    2. 1200 hours internship at least 600 hours must be in a school setting
  4. You must provide documentation of 1200 hours (after graduation not including your internship) at least 600 which must be in a school setting of supervised experience by a physician, a psychologist, or a school psychologist with an IPE or NCSP (Form A)
  5. You must provide documentation/certificate of 12 hours of training provided by an HSPP or a psychiatrist in the identification and referral of mental and behavioral disorders (this can be obtained by attending the DSM V course offered by IASP during the Fall conference in even numbered years)
  6. You must provide documentation of 10 case studies or evaluations requiring the identification or referral of mental or behavioral disorders. (Form C)
  7. You must provide documentation of 30 hours of supervision with a physician, a psychologist, or a school psychologist with an IPE or NCSP. These hours must be completed within 24 months but not less than 6 months and cannot include more than 1 hour per week
  8. You must provide documentation of passing PRAXIS exam or NCSP

The IPE allows an Indiana school psychologist to work outside the school setting with some limitations. Unless the school psychologist has the IPE endorsement or has an HSPP (Health Service Provider in Psychology), it is against Indiana law for a school psychologist to provide any school psychology services unless hired by a school corporation. An IPE school psychologist may work independently (such as in a private practice) or may work for an organization (such as a mental health facility). Please refer to IC 20-28-12-3 for additional description of the IPE legislation and requirements. 

IPE Renewal 

The IPE is valid for three (3) years and is renewable. The criteria for renewal is based on the renewal requirements used by NASP for the National Certification of School Psychologists (NCSP) and consists of obtaining seventy-five (75) continuing education hours every three years. This may be obtained through completing graduate course work, attending conferences/workshops, providing in-service activities, and participating in professional state and national activities. 

If you hold a current Active NCSP, renewal consists of submitting an IPE renewal application form along with a photocopy of your NCSP wallet card (both sides). If you are in the process of renewing your NCSP and you wish to renew your IPE at the same time, submit photocopies of your NCSP renewal documents with your IPE renewal forms. 

Recent changes in NCSP renewal requirements -

  • NCSPs must obtain 10 of the 75 CPDs required for renewal from NASP- or APA-approved provider during each three-year renewal period. 
  • NCSPs may use NASP’s online CPD Modules located at
  • NCSPs must accrue 3 hours of CPD regarding ethical practice and/or the legal regulation of school psychology. This requirement may be met with any appropriate CPD activity category. 
If you do not hold an NCSP but wish to renew your IPE, you must submit the following: (1) an IPE renewal application form, (2) documentation of 75 clock hours of continuing education activities that include the NCSP renewal requirements listed above. The next IPE renewal date will be 3 years from the most recent IPE renewal date, if the renewal is done at the proper time. However, the next renewal date for an expired IPE will be the date on which the 75 renewal hours were completed, not when the IPE renewal application was submitted or received. An IPE wallet card will be issued each time with each IPE renewal and will identify the next IPE expiration date. 

Download the IPE Renewal form here

Renewals will be processed on the 25th of each month. 

IASP serves as the contract agency with the Indiana Department of Education to process IPE applications and renewals. IPE initial application forms were changed in 2009 to reflect the new requirements. All paperwork for IPE should be submitted to IASP, 125 W. Market Street, Suite 300, Indianapolis, IN 46204. 

Please contact the IASP office for additional information about the IPE in Indiana: 
Indiana Association of School Psychologists 
125 W. Market Street, Suite 300 
Indianapolis, IN 46204 
Toll-free: 866-518-4472 or (local) 317-472-6955 

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