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Guidelines for Conducting Research with IASP

IASP supports the collection of research data in school psychology for the improvement of services to schools, children, and families. The Leadership and Management Committee reviews requests for conducting research through the IASP membership and limits the number of research projects approved annually.

We require all researchers to be a member of IASP, NASP, or a student enrolled in an Indiana School Psychology program. Those interested in requesting to conduct research through the membership should submit the following information to the IASP Association Manager.

  • Brief summary of project including:
    • Title of project
    • Principal Investigator(s) including name, affiliation, and complete contact information.
    • Brief description of the purpose of the research including research questions, sample, and data collection methods.
    • Questionnaires, surveys, or other data collection measures.
    • Description of the benefits of the research to IASP or the profession of school psychology
  • Documentation of approval by the Institutional Review Board approval from originating institution.
  • Signed Faculty’s Advisor’s Approval Form, if request is submitted by a student.
Upon completion of an approved research project, the researcher is responsible for submitting a summary of findings for inclusion in a future IASP eblast.

We want all researchers to be aware that there are some limitations of conducting research through IASP. This includes that the response rate is ultimately unknowable since it is impossible to know how many IASP members activity check the website for any postings, or read their email. Also, the school psychologists that use the IASP website and receive our emails may not accurately represent the demographic diversity of school psychologists in the state of Indiana.

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